P.O. Box 524
Manchester, Maine 04351


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Where is KidSkills?
  • We are located in Manchester, Maine. Most of our courses are "on location" so we have no need for fancy office space. That means you save money on our courses!

What if I need a course you don't offer?

  • We design new after-school courses all the time. If you have a particular need, we will find a way to create a course to meet it!

How much does it cost to take a KidSkills course?

  • There is no set fee.  Each KidSkills course is priced separately based on location, materials needed, travel for our instructors, etc.

How much time does each course take?

  • Since each course is unique, each course is set up to fit into a time slot you create, or one we determine together. These are custom courses so there are no specific rules.

How was your logo chosen?

  • When KidSkills was just a dream of mine, I visited a friend who is a graphic artist. I told her about the company I was envisioning. With that information and the name I had selected, she created our logo. She knew that it was important for my wide variety of classes to be represented so she made simple icons to represent them. The chef's hat for cooking, the construction hat for building, the tam for the artist, the baseball cap for sports, the fedora (the green one) for the writing skills, and the orange hat for gardening.  That little piece of art sure says a lot!


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